Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Idea Involving Bookmarks

I made a bookmark so that the people who read my blog can download one and print it out (only if they want to). I made a black and white one so that it can be printed on coloured paper or coloured in my a younger sibling/relative. I designed it so that it can be folded in half and glued to produce a double-sided book mark. Laminating is optional.

I would like to put an idea out there to other bloggers. I think it would be really cool if some of the blogs I followed made bookmarks that I could download and print out. If they could upload it to tumblr and tag 'An idea involving Bookmarks' it would be even better. I think this is a great way to expose other people to the world of book blogging (and blogging in general). I want to see how many people will try this and how big it can get.

If you want to go one step further; a cool idea is to leave your book mark (or someone elses) in a public place. I saw people do this with the 'Near Witch' book marks last year and thought it was a really cool concept. You could leave it on a notice board, leave it in a library book or even at your local fast food joint... You could take a picture of the place you leave it and upload it to tumblr with the 'An Idea Involving Bookmarkes' as a tag.

If you come up with any other cool ideas I'd love to hear them!

If you want to print my bookmark simply go to Here , Copy and paste it to a word document and print.

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Angela said...

Love it! Great ideas, Natalie. A little self-promotion goes a long way.