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Inspiration and Motivation Part Two


More in depth than Part one . I'll explore some of the points a little more thoroughly, add some more tips and give some examples. It's a bit too soon to be telling you how great these tips all are, seeing as I've only been following them for about two days. I'm hopeful about them though. Which should be a good sign, because I normally don't feel so hopeful about this sort of thing...

The first thing you really need to do is figure out what you want to do. What is it that you want to achieve? The second thing, is to realise which goals are most important and which goals are additional ones that you would like to achieve, but aren't super worried about. Then, a third thing, you'll need to decide to what extent you want to achieve this goal. If your goal is to become a famous actress, do you: a) want to be famous amongst people who watch stage productions, want to be on TV, want to be in a highly anticipated film or do you want to be in a film that's so popular, that you are nominated for an award? If the latter, which award do you want to be nominated for? do you win? You might also want to create a minimum for what is considered an "achievement" as well as where you want to end up. You won't reach the top straight away. Things happen in steps.

My Goals:

Important Goals:
1. Reach my Yearly Reading Goal each year.
-This year my reading goal is 84 books. Last year I read 72 books, so I thought twelve more (one for each month) would be reasonable.
-When I set this goal (In my 2012 goals blog post) I stated that I would be happy to reach 72 again, so even if I didn't make it to 84 I would be content and I would just try for 84 another year.
-I also stated that I would like to read at least 50 books.

2. Gain more followers on my blog.
-I haven't really decided on a number as this seems to be a slow process. I think 100 would be a great result, because it is the recommended amount for Netgalley.
-When would I like to reach this goal? Maybe sometime before Christmas?

3. Write A Book
-Within the next 5 years. 2017. Maybe 10?
-I would like to be able to get it published with a popular publisher and be published in physical and electronic format.
-I don't care if it's not a bestseller, but I would like it sell well.

4.Get my provisional license
-As soon as possible. At least before I turn 21 (So I can out do my aunt)

Not as Important Goals:(one day....)
1. Enter an artwork into the local art competition
-I don't really care if I win or not. I just want to keep at my art
-Have to be in the right mood to draw or paint something worthy

2.Write an Article for Frankie Mag
-It would be my dream job to write for them as a columnist, but just one article would do.

3. Finish crocheting my rug
-It would be nice too get it done this winter, but it's highly unlikely .

If you want to achieve your goals you'll need to limit the time you spend on other things. If theres something that you like to spend your time doing, that isn't overly productive you should stop doing that thing altogether or maybe minimise the time by say half. I used to create a polyvore set ever day I was in high school. Some days I would create two. I seem to create less now, but just in case I happen to fall into that old pattern I decided to create a limit. 2 sets a week.

Also Set a minimum goals to be achieved on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Don't be ridiculous though... Know your strengths. Know what you are capable of. And, be sure you know how much time you have. You could create a schedule and/or dead-lines, but I'm not going to suggest it. It didn't work for me.

My Ground Rules:
-Limit yourself to 1-1/2 hours of Internet a day (unless writing a blog post)
-Maximum of two polyvore sets a week
-Write at least 3 blog posts a week
-Read a minimum of 100 pages per day
-Write two or more pages per day
-Write journal entries as often as possible
-Keep Room Clean

Sometimes, with certain goals it can be hard to know what works. It's a bit of a guess and check exercises. Some advice may not work for you, maybe your project is too individualistic for certain helpful hints to make a difference or what you thought would work didn't. It's all guess and check.

Think out of the box. Think about the problems you've had and something you could do to fix them. Read some non-fiction books on the subject. Look to your superiors (People you admire who reached their goals or people who reached the same/similar goal you are trying to achieve) and observe what the did/do to remain/become successful. From doing one or more of these things you can gather advice you think could be useful and write a list.

My guidelines for writing:
-Jot down Ideas before judging them.
-Write what YOU want to write, not what your audience wants to read.
-Write what you are excited about
-Write now, Edit later

With any goal, Ground-rules and Guidelines will change as the project moves further along.

-be more open to Inspiration. Don't think that inspiration for an artwork has to come from the same source. Directors don't become inspired by films alone. Writers don't just become inspired by books. You can be inspired by anything that intrigues or excites you regardless of what it is.

-Know where to go when inspiration fails to come your way. Know some image websites you can look at or music you can listen to when you need to be inspired

-Ask the "What if?" question. If you've been thinking about something for a while. A situation that makes you angry, confused, sad... etc. Why not use it in a story? Why not paint it?

-Have the space to complete your goals. Literally and metaphorically.
-Have the materials. If you are in the mood to paint and you don't have any clean paintbrushes...
-Have reminders. I've got two posters on my wall.

I know that I haven't been doing this for very long, but I thought it was fairly interesting so I wrote some more about it. Seems to  be working good so far. That's something.

Your Favourite Blogger,

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