Thursday, May 10, 2012

I bought a Kindle!


What makes a strictly anti-e-books girl change her mind and buy a kindle?

Something called E-ink.

See when all these ereaders and what not came out nobody bothered to explain that they use this special thing called e-ink and don't have back-lighting. I was not interested in ereaders because I thought staring at a bright screen would hurt my eyes.

In fact this E-ink thing is rather a lot like paper. The screen only shows white/black/grey scale. And, it never actually goes blank. You put it to sleep rather than turn it off and it shows pretty pictures while it sleeps (like a book cover).

Another interesting thing I wasn't aware of with a kindle is that they have a battery life from anywhere from 6days to 2months (depending on how much wifi is used).

One feature that's definitely going to be helpful is the ability to look up dictionary definitions and take notes.

Classics are often free. I don't believe that everything is all that much cheaper when you buy a version for a kindle, but it's a great way to download all those novella's and short-stories from your favourite series that you can't buy from anywhere else. Goodreads is a great source of free literature.

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I do prefer paperbacks and hardcovers to virtual stuff. It's true. I like holding books. I like that I have plenty of them on my shelf. I like buying them. I like receiving them. I like book marks.

I do however see the need even for a person who likes real books to have an ereader. If you are going on a trip that involves things like planes and waiting and boredom- trips that require more than one book- a kindle is a great device, because it is compact. Also, there are some novella's etc that aren't available anywhere but online. You can't buy the prequel to 'Harry Potter' in an actual book store.

I've also received a lot of review requests for ebooks. For some publishers and authors ebooks are much cheaper and more effective than review books. I hate turning down review copies.

So far, so good.

Your Favourite Blogger,


Wall-to-wall books said...

Yay! Awesome girl! good for you.
I have a nook color and I love it! It is seriously my favorite toy. I use it in one way or another every single day!

I hope you love your kindle!

thepamjelly said...

Dropping by from Saturday Situation. I just bought a Kindle too! I'm loving it so far, especially the e-ink feature. I'm also saving up for a lighted Kindle cover so I can read with the lights off. Haha :)

Are you using NetGalley? It's a great source of review books, too.

Happy reading!

Pam | jelly loves books