Monday, April 2, 2012

A Quick Film vs Novel: Breakfast at Tiffanys and I Capture the Castle


The general opinion when it comes to book based films is that the book is always better, but the film will give non-readers a general idea of the story. This isn't always true. When I decided to start doing some posts on this kind of thing I thought it would be pretty simple. The book would be better and I would just be able to write down all the things the movie got wrong and so be it. After actually watching the movies in question my opinion was created and differed largely from what I thought it would be.
The book version was written by an author called Dodie smith and I highly enjoyed it. Click HERE to read my recommendation.

I was fairly happy with this version of the story. I thought that the right actors were chosen and that they acted the story out well. The castle was just as I had imagined it, as were the events that took place.

People who hadn't read the book and watched the movie said that they enjoyed most of it, but didn't like the ending.

Overall I think the book was better, but the movie came quite close.

I have read the novella, but not the accompanying stories. I didn't really enjoy it. I found it quite boring and quite reflective.

The movie on the other hand was quite enjoyable, quite humorous and had a completely different ending.

Everyone else watching it enjoyed it as much as I did.

Overall, the film was very different from the book and much much better. I would not bother with the book at all if I had known.

So what did you think of this new blog idea? I know this one is a bit brief, but I don't have a whole lot of time this minute. The next ones would hopefully be more detailed. Also, if you do like this idea, do you have any requests?

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