Monday, April 16, 2012

Make Believe Monday: If I was a mythological character...

Make Believe Monday is a meme, where you get to play "Make Believe" on a Monday. It tends to have a theme, but I don't mind if you do your own thing. You can choose to take part or not take part, but if you do take part, pretty please put a link to my post in your post and leave a link to your post in a comment on my post. Thanks and have fun playing make believe...

Oh, And it's not always bookish.

Today the concept is: If I was a mythological character...

I was inspired by all the fiction I read. There are so many times when I read a book of the fantasy genre and I think "hmm, that sounds a lot like me". So I decided to express these similarities. Let's face it, who doesn't wish they had some sort of power or quality in addition to their faults?

The List of Mythological Possibilities:
1. An Alchemist (You may have read about these guys in the 'Vampire Academy' series or 'Bloodlines' by Richelle Mead)
- Technically Alchemists are humans with a little extra strength thanks to their gold and vampire blood infused tattoos. They aren't strong enough to defeat vampires, but they heal quicker than humans. Imagine being around vampires all the time and feeling weak in comparison. Sometimes I feel kind of inadequate. Not in comparison to most people, but in comparison to what they expect of me. So I guess I can kind of resonate.
- I'm not religious like the alchemists, but I understand their need for morals and modesty.
- I'm partial to odd colours. In 'Bloodlines' the Alchemists wear a lot of beige, burgundy, khaki, etc. I like those sorts of colours.
-I'd like to be an Alchemist, so that I could hang out with all the cool vampires. Especially Adrian...

2. A Faerie of the High Court (Like in the 'Wicked Lovely' series by Melissa Marr)
-I find it incredibly hard to tell lies. I value honesty, but even when I would like to lie I find that I can't.
-I like to suggest ideas to people about how to run things
-I'm secretly kind of evil, but not evil enough to be dark court.
-I'd like to live in faerie and to have whichever power or supernatural gift I could get out of it.
-Also, if you get pal-y with the queen you can have nice silk shirts made-to-fit.

3. A Replacement (Like in 'The Replacement' by Brenna Yovanoff)
-I totally get the whole reject thing. Sometimes you just feel different to everyone else. Kinda human,  but not quite. Maybe something weaker.
-I wouldn't like not getting to wear anything metal or touch anything metal though...
-I would however, like to be in an awesome band. I used to dream about being in a garage band...

4. Improved Human (Technically A Cyborg? Like in 'The Girl in The Steel Corset' by Kady Cross)
-It would be so cool to fix everything so easily. Got a broken bone? just put some of this goo stuff on it and it will be fixed.
-I want to be able to talk to machines like Emily. Got a problem with your computer? ask it how it would like to be fixed.

So, yep. That is my list of mythological beings I would like to be and/or have noticed similarities with. What about you?

Your Favourite Blogger,

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Mel - Thedailyprophecy. said...

You know, when I think about mythological characters, these wouldn't even pop up in my head - expect the fairy. So great job! I thought you came up with some original ideas ^^