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Style Crush: Spring 2012 RTW

This year's Spring/Summer Ready-To-Wear collections incorporate 50's silhouettes with hot wheels inspired shoes. Both Prada and Louis Vuitton steal the attention from the other houses, by sporting pastels, lace, OTT faux jewels, barbie-like plastic looking accessories and sharp edges.

The Spring and Summer catwalk shows were held sometime around my birthday last year, but only just being published in copies of Australia Vogue over the last two months. My birthday is in September so that just goes to show how far behind we are in Australia.

A lot of references come to mind when I see these elements of both a sweet and sinister nature mixed together. I think of Claire Danes in 'Romeo and Juliet' holding a gun to her own head, I think of the people of suburbia in Tim Burton's 'Edward Scissorhands', I think of the robotic women in 'Stepford Wives', I think of the Pink Ladies in 'Grease', And I think of those tales of jealous 60's and 70's drugged up housewives who took revenge on their husband's lovers. Lana Del Ray's song and film clip 'Born to Die' Is along the same lines as the fashion trends; her deep old-fashioned voice mixed with sinister lyrics, her white outfit with the pointed shoes and the speeding car.

Even though it is technically Autumn, I think there are definitely a fair few weeks of hot weather left. Plenty of time to enjoy these new(well new to me) styles. There are definitely some great styling and DIY ideas to get out of the RTW season while it's still hot and I think there's definitely more playful RTW seasons to come!

^The Denim Jacket is Definitely a bit 'Grease'

^ The Big buttons, Pastel Colours and lace are all very Sandra Dee
-While the shoes have a very sharp metallic pointy toe, giving the look a lethal edge.

^The Flames on the skirt was a very 'Grease' look also.

^The skirt looks like it was made from an old curtain or tablecloth, while the bandeau top looks like it was made out of boys bedroom sheets.

^The 'Hot Wheels' looking shoes.

^This Dress reminds me of the Hawaiian shirts worn by Leonardo and his crew in 'Romeo and Juliet'
-The shoes shown above remind me of the details on the 'Capulet's' Attire in the film.

^ more Prada attire. The model looks as if she's showing off for the "Pool Boy"

-Also the Picture used as the 'Style Crush' Logo.

^A black outfit, but with the same silhouette

^More Poolside Glamour

-High waists or Belted Waists create the silhouette.
-Pieces with lace or sheer fabric detail help to create a softer feel.
-Patterned and picture fabrics esp those that have a retro or posh-housewear feel are perfect for adding an element of interest.
-Pastel colours contrasted with More sinister hues like navy, burgundy and vibrant red balance the sweetness of the sorbet colours without clashing tooo much (e.g. Black or grey would clash).
-It's all in the accessories. The dripping in diamonds look is altered with cabochon flowers.
-Leather/Denim jackets are great for a night out.
-Tone it down. Runway trends are always toned down when they are worn on the street.
-Retro T shirts with cars on them.


DIY Cabochon or silver charm jewellery:
-Items required to make these can be purchase from Etsy for a reasonable price. You could choose to go with the resin flower pendants or purchase some car or gun charms to make neat little bracelets or earrings out of.

Bejewelled Belts:
-As seen on the Prada catwalk. They are great for a night out.

Create some Flames:
-Get a fabric marker  or paint and fix up an old skirt, tote bag or canvas shoes.

Start Buying your Fabric in the Homewares Section:
-Tablecloths, Giant doilies, Curtains... You will be surprised what you can do with some of these.

-The Collar Trend seems to still be going.

-Romeo and Juliet




-Edward Scissorhands:




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