Saturday, January 28, 2012

IMM/Book Haul: More Books!

Yet again I have chosen to post my IMM/Book Haul post on a Saturday. I think it's just easier to get in and post it early. Again another week of receiving review books and I have a feeling that my parents are not super happy about the size of my To-be-read book stash. Yet again, these are all books that I'm mega excited about so I'm sure I will get through them in no time.

From Simon and Schuster:

'Fated' by Sarah Alderson
-This book is written by the same author who wrote 'Hunting Lila'. I am currently half way through it.

From Harper Collins:
'Vampire Diaries: The Fury' by L.J. Smith (Volume 3)
-This is the third book in the series. My cover looks a little different to this one. The background on mine is more of a violet colour and the writing at the top of the page says " 'GO!' Now a Major Hit GO! Series", because in Australia the channel is called GO!.

'Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion' by L.J Smith (Book 4)
-Again the tv channel is different, though mind you only the first two seasons Aired on GO! and now fans have to watch on Pay tv, watch online or wait till the next season comes out on DVD.

From Bloomsbury:
'Waiting for Sunrise' by William Boyd
-This is an adult  historical fiction novel that takes place in Vienna in 1913. My cover is different to this picture, but I think this picture is the cover that will actually be released. Mine is an uncorrected proof copy.

I bought:
'Mothers and Daughters' by Leah Fleming
-After reading 'The Captain's Daughter' also by this author I decided I wanted to read more historical fiction by her. I had seen a few of her books at the local discount store. Picked this one up for just $3.50!

So yes a very interesting selection of books in my mailbox this week. Historical vs Paranormal. What did you get in your mailbox this week?

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