Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frankie: My Favourite Magazine

People spend years and years looking for a magazine they can appreciate and in Frankie I have found exactly that. There were the awkward years of buying girly magazines like 'Total Girl', the 'Dolly' subscription, Another subscription 'InStyle' and the occasional copy of vogue... But Frankie Magazine is a Magazine like no other...

SO... What is it that makes Frankie so special? It's a number of things. First of all Frankie is a magazine for all ages, genders and inclinations. Apart from a few expressions or references here and there I can imagine my 12 year old self reading this magazine as well as I can imagine a much crankier 60 year old self reading it. Frankie is a bit on the nerdy side and often references things from another time. So older people can look back on the things that they remember and younger people can explore the past.

Second of all Frankie is not concerned about what's in. Frankie is about indie bands, Everyday people and peculiarities that journalists find in everyday life. It's also about collecting, crafting and taking happy pics. It even has a little bit of fashion in it. We're not talking Runway or red carpet fashion trends, but cute off-kilter vintage inspired labels. Frankie is for all the individuals out there that aren't superficial. This is a magazine that doesn't become outdated quickly.

Thirdly Frankie makes me feel. Frankie is a cutesy magazine with quirky photographs and hilarious articles. Some of the articles make me feel moved. Some of them make me feel mad. And, some make me feel sad. The articles are always written in a way in which I can understand and empathise. The magazine focuses on a lot of social issues/occurrences and the articles are smartly written without being boring...

The thing I like most about Frankie is this section where several writers are given a theme/subject matter to expand on using their own experiences and opinions. One of the writers Benjamin never fails to disappoint with his interesting perspective and witty remarks. His articles are one of the first things I look forward to when I open my copy of Frankie.

So what don't I like? I'm not so keen on the political stuff. I don't believe that the political articles are very fairly written and tend to avoid them. I also find that some articles have little biased remarks occasionally about certain politicians or political parties. Marieke Hardy is extremely bad for this. Some of her writing is actually quite good and amusing, but i dislike her political perspective.

I hope that if you live in Australia or New Zealand that you give Frankie a go one day. If you are a bit of a nerd or a DIY girl than Frankie is definitely for you. To me Frankie is like having a conversation with my great aunt and my best friend at the same time. Frankie is friends. Frankie is Family. It's the homely magazine you just can't bear to cut up or throw out and it is a great addition to your coffee table.

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Wall-to-wall books said...

I'd have to say that I have never even heard of this mag.!
Next time I am in B&N I will have to look to see if they have it. And take a peek.

Ms. McKellips said...

Too bad we can't get it in the states, it sounds lovely.

Natalievintagegirl said...
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Natalie_vintage_girl said...

It can be bought digitally here: