Thursday, December 22, 2011

Imitation Perfume

Are Imitation perfumes really so bad? I know I see a lot of people say that they would love to own this one or that one, but are they really interested in the scent or do they just want "the name" and "the beautiful bottles"? I'm starting to think that imitation perfume is a great saving, especially when perfume is something often bought in large quantities that in hot places like Australia does indeed have an expiry date.

I went into the what-we-call-a-$2-shop today. As I often do being the bargain hunter I am. I stumbled across  a few bottles of imitation perfume. Only $4.00 each (yes hardly anything in the $2 shop is actually $2). It may have been watered down, but it was well worth my money. In fact I'm starting to think that I prefer my perfume watered down as some of the more expensive perfumes can be quite overwhelming and cause feelings of nausea and headaches in the lovely summer heat.

You may also find yourself reapplying the fragrance due to the fact that it is so watered down, but in reality many scents need to be reapplied. I actually found that one of my imitation perfumes lasts longer than a Revlon one(No dissing Revlon though as I do like those perfumes as well). Basically if it isn't a concentrate you will need to reapply, no matter how much you spend.

While the bottles aren't always as pretty as the elaborate designer perfumes and the names aren't as creative, I find that the saving is quite large. Even on discounted websites some designer perfumes still cost around $80. In comparison I can purchase up to twenty $4 imitation perfumes for the same price. I could have my own library of scents...

The only problem with imitation perfumes so far is the range. Lately more trendy perfumes by Marc Jacobs and DKNY are being made into imitation perfumes, but depending on size and  location of your home town a larger range may be hard to come by. The types of perfumes being imitated is varying more in recent years. Years ago people could only buy classic scents line Chanel No.5 or Dior Poison. Now trendier younger designers perfumes are available as well as celebrity scents.

Overall I think Imitation perfumes are the way to go. I understand that these companies are copying perfumes by other brands and taking advantage of the mass appeal, but the perfumes are so much cheaper and if they go out of date it doesn't matter because they were so cheap. As for the pretty bottles, when the perfume runs out what will you do with them? and the name? Just lie and say that you really are wearing "Lola by Marc Jacobs" even if the box actually says 'Flora'...

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