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How to get the best out of hot hair tools...

One thing that bothers me a lot about reviews for hot hair tools is how inaccurate some of them are because the people who use them don't know what they are doing. In most cases you are better off spending that little bit extra to buy a good quality tool rather than a cheaper nastier one. However, there are ways to get the best out of your tool no matter how crappy.

When I say "hair tool" I'm talking about things with hot metal surfaces that directly touch the hair. Things such as curling irons, straighteners and crimpers.

To get the best out of hair tools you need to know what kind of products to use, how to use the hair tools, what sort of tool you should be using, how to maintain the style, what to look for when purchasing a hair tool and how you can maintain your hair tool. Many people assume that with a straightening or curling iron that they only need the tool to get the effect they desire. After pulling a thick section of hair out of the iron they wonder why the tool has made no affect and straight away blame the quality of the hair iron without considering the possibility that maybe they didn't use the iron correctly.


1. Wait for the iron to get really hot before you use it.
- The best hair tools are designed to reach temperatures that ovens can't even reach. This is what makes the tool better quality. When setting your tool up leave it to heat anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the quality of the tool.

2. Make sure you are using the right products.
-I recommend a heat protecting spray to stop damage from the heat of the tool and the pulling motion of the straightener. I also recommend a gloss for people using straighteners and a finishing spray for people using crimpers or curling tools. There are many different types of products available.

3.Section your hair well.
All types of heated tools require surface area to make contact with the surface of the hair. Trying to put all hair through the tool at once wont achieve anything. This is why you are required to style the hair in small sections. The number of sections will depend on the thickness and coarseness of the hair.

4. Pin curls up before hair cools (When curling).
To maintain the curl hair needs to be pinned after it leaves the curling iron and sprayed or smoothed with a product. This way hair cools while curled and stays curlier for longer when the curl is released at the end. I know many girls who claim that curling irons don't work because the first sections they curled dropped before they finished the rest of their hair.

5. Research
Find out what look you want to achieve and then use the Internet or an updated magazine or beauty book on how to achieve the style you want. YouTube is a handy place to find out all the tips and tricks for hair styles because you can see it in action and don't have to use your imagination.

Hair tool companies like ghd and VS sassoon have their own YouTube channels.

6. Be sure that you are using the right tool.
Some hair tools can be used in different ways to achieve different looks. Hair straighteners for example can be used to curl and wave the hair as well as straighten it. For people with curly hair already a curling iron may not give the best result. In this case a diffuser hair dryer attachment is recommended. Research items before you buy them and see how they are used.

7.Don't brush out the curl
Sometimes trying to get rid of knots can also get rid of the curl. Brush hair before styling and use either a soft bristled round brush or a wide toothed come to finish. Especially don't brush crimped hair as it can become very frizzy afterwards.

8. Make sure your hair is clean.
If your hair is full of product build up and grease you aren't going to achieve much no matter how hot your tool is. I like to wash my hair well the night before and put the heat protectant spray in while hair is till wet. That way the spray has had all night to soak into the hair.

9.Don't go overboard with product.
Too much product will leave the hair looking big and bulky.

10. Let mistakes cool off before attempting to fix them.
Hair curled the wrong way won't curl back when it is hot. Also hot iron on hot hair can cause damage to the hair.

11. Be careful when pulling hair out of pin curls.
Pulling hair roughly will ruin the curl and hurt.

Hopefully I've aided you heaps in your future styling situation. If you have any related articles please leave a link below in the comments.

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