Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We all want different things...

Why is it that we always want something. We are never happy with what we have. There is allways a list. A growing list of things we don't neccesarily need, but have convinced ourselves that we do need.Then again, what's wrong with wanting to spoil yourself a little bit.

Questions, questions... They never end do they? I could just keep on going, but I'm going to cut to the chase. Today I'll make like sue sylvester and tell you whats on my mind. Here's what I want:

1. The complete series of Vampire Diaries (Books)

2.The complete series of Vampire Kisses (Books)

3.90210 (DVD)

4. Some more vintage clothes. I think the clothes I get the most wear out of were actually 2nd hand to begin with.

5.To watch some old movies and master the old fashioned looks therein.

6.Mad Men season 1

7. Orchids on your budget by majorie hillis

8.Vampire Accademy series

9.To get word on my computer so I can write a novel.

10. To make some people undead and then tortue them for all eternity (Jokes)

It gets so bad. The continuous list of wanting. I have lists of things that I want but can't buy. lists of things that I may want to buy (sequels if the first book is any good etc.). Is it that I'm a shopaholic or a hoarder? No. It's modern day society. The way we were brought up. The people around us.

Christmas is coming up and that is definitely a great excuse for people to be spending money on themselves. I know i will be.

you know I always wonder why I don't have a huge list of followers and then I decide to write weird posts like this one.

Everyone has a few things that they like. be it shoes and perfume or books and cds. We all spend equal amounts of money on things that we don't need whether they be material or entertaining. We need to accept that other people like different things and have their own wants.

Just because someone spent $100 dollars on books does not make them a hoarder. They bought say 10 books and you bought say two pairs of shoes. Nobody's a freak.

And now I'm ranting...

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