Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday I'm in love: Vintage Love

Yep, I'm a cheater I edited...

I am in love with vintage right now. There are so many vintage inspired/ vintage things I want to buy. I have found some great vintage style blogs out there recently and found a great deal of vintage books being released in the past year. Here are some things I wouldn't mind getting.


^'A Stitch in Time'



The Best things about vintage style:
1) Vintage Hair
Old-fashioned hair styles add instant glamour and class to any outfit.

2) Mary Jane shoes
Cute-ass shoes with a buckle strap and low chunky heal, hell yes!

3) Two-piece outfits.
You know the ones with matching tops and skirts...

4) Day dresses
Floral, stripey, spotty....

5) Evening dresses
The necklines in vintage outfits are the best part.

7) The makeup
Defines eyebrows and eyelashes. Red lipstick....

8) The Awesome hats and sunnies
Audrey hepburn sunnies and cloche hats

My Favourite Magazines for Vintage Inspiration:
Frankie is all about the old school. Vogue shows when old school is new again.

Best Places to Buy Vintage/ Vintage Inspired:
-The Op Shop/Thrift Store/2nd hand place/Charity Shop
-Adore Vintage

I'm too lazy to put the adresses here, but they are pretty easy to find on google.

Did you know I haven't watched any Mad-men yet? Sad Isn't it. Mad-men and Cloudstreet are both on my to see list along with anything that has Audrey Hepburn, Elisabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe in it.

Some cool Vintage Blogs:
Retrochick uk
Vintage in a modern world

Enough Dreaming for now ...
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