Saturday, October 15, 2011

DIY Style: Collars and Cuffs

Lately I've had an interest in detatchable collars and cuffs. It meens you can have that preppy polished look without having to layer clothing. Below I give a few ideas that I have seen elsewhere, plus a few of my own.

The Detatchable Collar:

To get the look:
Either find a pattern and fabric to make your own collar...
Take a short-cut and cut a collar off an old shirt.

I saw this look in a DOLLY Magazine and in pictures of Miu Miu runways.

Extra ideas:
-Pimp your Collar by gluing lace trims, ribbons, studs, patches etc. or by sewing beads on
-You can fasten your collar with a button, badge, ribbon or elastic. Or you can taper the back of your collar and fasten with a chain.
-You can sew a collar and matching cuffs into a v-neck knitted jumper for a preppy winter look without the bunching.
-Don't waste the rest of the old shirt. Sew the pocket/s onto a skirt or singlet for a matching ensemble or cut and sew your shirt to form a singlet or boobtube.

Crochet Collars:

Follow the link to get a cool crchet design. Also has an alternate pointy edged collar.
-A larger hook will create a larger pattern and collar.
-In this pattern a double crochet is equal to a treble and single crochet to a double (For Australian and English crocheters)
-Don't be afraid to use bright colours
-Crochet with beads for an interesting look
-use lighter threads for summer and thick wool for winter.
-knit or crochet matching accessories if you like, by using the same yarn and a scalloped pattern.

The Add-on Collar:
^Peter Pan style collar

^Mis-Matched Collar

You can attempt these two ideas and other designs simply by sewing collar of choice on to the garment.
Other style of collars include:
-Round Collar
-V-neck Collar
-Tie Collar

Other Ideas:
-You can also stick a lace trim onto the top of a shirt for a lacy collar design.
-you can creat tie cuffs as well as a tie collar
-Look up sewing patterns and books for more unique styles to try.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY/Style article. If you have any other ideas or related posts please feel free to comment and share your links below.

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