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Trends: Ribbon

So this post is about the appeal of ribbons in fashion. Inspired by books like "Imaginary girls" by Nova Ren Suma and like "Fury" by Elizabeth Miles. Inspired by movies like "Marie Antoinette" and "Pride and Prejudice". Like Ty and her fellow furies I would like to start incorporating more ribbon into my wardrobe.



Audrey Hepburn Complex
your fears, as they appear to someone else


-Wear ribbon as a necklace. You can use a brooch to decorate or thread on rings to make a chunky choker. You can tie it on by itself or tie it to a plain necklace to make it interesting. You can sew on another piece of fabric and gem it up.
-You can wind it around a plain bangle or hoop earrings.
-You can wrap it around your arm or ankle

-Tie your plait or pony tale with it.
- Use it as a headscarf. Wrap it around several times and pin into place.
-Make your own hair clips with it

-Make shoe straps with it
-Replace shoe laces

-Revamp clothes and add in criss cross ties or straps that tie up.
-Ribbon trims added to create detail

-Sheer ribbon can be made into a veil or mask for fancy dress.
-A bow tied around a bag handle adds a girly touch
-A piece of ribbon tied around the waist 


To prevent Fraying:
-Cut on an angle
-Use clear nail polish to seal
-Fold ends under and sew

Picking the right ribbon:
-This all depends on your purpose.
-A ribbon the same colour as a garment will give detail without making something look too busy.
-Bright colours will stand out and be eye catching, while lighter colours will have a girly effect and darker ones will have more of a goth effect.

Styling advice:
-Don't wear too much ribbon at once! Limit yourself to say 3 pieces and if your outfit is still too crowded downsize. You don't want to there to be any overkill. Sometimes one big risk is enough.
-Stick to your colour scheme. Don't necessarily wear the exact same colours, but make sure they don't clash.
-Pearls look nice with ribbon no matter what the setting is.


Go Be Creative!

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