Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to Influence your style literarily...

So I bet you've seen my posts or at least one of those articles where you've been told to get inspired by your favourite book, when it comes to dressing up. But, where do these mythical clothes come from? "Do I need to buy more clothes?" you ask. The answer is no. Read on for some tips and tricks not just on dressing to suit your reading material, but on dressing in general.

Dressing to suit a cover:


Wicked Lovely

This is where you need to focus on the artistic theme of things. Think of the vibe and the colour of the artwork, but don't worry too much about matching colours. Sometimes it is the eclectic feel of an outfit that makes it appear more Vogue. In these outfits I chose to include the main colours and ideas without being too exact. Once you get better at this you can start to mess around with it add in a different colour or tone and mix it up a bit.

1. Don't focus too much on the different elements of your outfit matching each other. Your dress does not have to match your shoes etc. Just as long as these colours are in some harmony with each other it will be ok.
2. Add a grain of salt. Don't forget to keep it true to your personality. The above sets are based on my style, your idea of an outfit based on this cover could look completely different to mine.
3. Remember your environment. The top outfit is suitable for a date and the bottom one is suitable for a formal night out. Be careful not to look too dressy for your environment and vise versa.
4. Not only is it important that you add some personality, but don't try too hard to match the cover. If it's too obvious you may end up looking like a try hard and no one wants that. This is where the individuality steps in.

Dressing like a character:



In these outfits I have created looks that resemble my idea of the character's outfits. The first outfit is what I think one of the Furies, Ty's outfit would have looked like. In the book it is described as a mini dress worn with ankle boots and a cape. I decided not to copy it to the letter and thought that this style of dress had a similar effect to a dress with a cape. I also thought that the peep-toe boots were an edgier style than just plain ankle boots.
1. Adapt the style to your own.  Meet midway with the character's style and yours so that what you get isn't the author's idea of the outfit, but your own.
2. Don't copy it to the letter. Chances are you wont have every item of clothing as detailed in the book. Don't be afraid to change it up to suit what you own.
3. Have some fun with DIY equipment. Make a piece of clothing you don't have or alter something to suit your new style. Maybe you could make a themed piece of jewellery or a new accessory.

Dressing to suit the vibe:

Prophecy of The Sisters

The Dressmaker

This is where you get to have the most fun. These outfits are not specific to characters, but rather to adjectives surrounding the feelings, places and atmosphere.
1. It's not era specific. You can take inspiration from the era of your story without looking like you're in costume. A vintage style dress or a lace trim can do wonders here.
2. Have fun with accessories. You can dress an outfit up or down with the accessories you choose to wear with it.
3. Little details make a difference. Narrowing down to a certain part of the book may help your outfit look more unified. There are many different vibes within one book.

General Fashion tips:
1. Minimalist is always more elegant
2. Don't be afraid to experiment with fashion
3. Ill-fitting clothes never look good
4. Make sure your clothing isn't too inappropriate
5. try not to incorporate too many different colours or patterns.
6. Edgy or Eclectic Combinations are allways eyecatchers.
7. When shopping don't buy dearer clothes because you are worried about quality chances are the cheaper option was made in the same factory. Unless of course there is proof of this quality...
8. What's in isn't always that appealing.
9. You're the one who has to wear it. Your opinion matters the most
10. What looks good on the rack or the mannequin doesn't always look good on you. Make sure you try clothes on before you buy them.

So how was that?
Hope I gave you some fresh ideas.

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