Monday, July 25, 2011

Make believe Monday: The Garden Party

Make Believe Monday is a new meme hosted by me. You can choose to or not to be a part of this meme. I only really started it because I wanted an excuse to play Make Believe on my blog. You can choose to stick with my theme or make up your own theme.

if you could have a garden party and invite anyone you wanted whether they be dead, imaginary or alive what would it be like?

The Setting:
The backyard of my imaginary cottage. It is paved and fenced by a tough metal fence in a filigree design that has sharp tops. The edges of the garden are decorated with flower-blooming trees, ferns and rose bushes. Some of the plants are planted in old boots or teapots. In the centre there is a large oak tree that shades a few small ceramic tables and antiquated cloth-covered chairs.

The Weather:
It is an Australian Autumn. It is cold enough to wear tights, but the sun is still warm.

What time?:
It is 2:00 until 5:00 and tealight candles will be lit when it begins to darken.

The Attire:
Smart Casual- Semi Formal
I am wearing a pair of black T-bar wedges over pale grey tights with a White Lace dress and a large pink bow in my hair.

The Food:
Pumpkin Scones will be served with cream and Jam. There will also be Lamingtons, Caramel Tarts, Marshmallow Bunnies and Rasberry Slice. There will be a wide variety of Beverages available, Including: Lemonade, Tea, Water and Strawberry Juice.

Who will be there?
-Sylvia Plath
-Marie Antoinette
-Regina Spektor
-Anna Sui
-Coco Chanel
-Charlotte Bronte
-Kate Morton
-Sarah Addison Allen
-Zooey Deschanel
-Winnona Ryder
-Emma Watson
-Johhny Depp
-Leonardo De Caprio
-Joseph Gordon Levitt
-John Cusack
-Robert Smith
-Soffia Coppola

-Edith Piaf and Amy Whine house
-Thom Yorke will sing accoustic versions of his Radiohead songs
-Sylvia Plath will read some poems alloud.

The Goody Bags:
-A couloured Teal light candle
-A cake pop
-A small bottle of lavender water
-A Pocket sized copy of  a classic book of choice

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