Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday I'm in love: Keeping up appearances

Friday I'm in Love is a meme hosted by me. You can choose or not choose to partake in this meme.

Today my 'Friday I'm in Love' segment is about things I love to make my self pretty with(or would like to).

I already own a Lovelinks bracelet and do love it very much, but I think the trollbeads ones are just gorgeous. Mainly because of their quirky vintage vibe and the cute clasps. I've been thinking of gettin a chain and clasp, just so I could pretty up my lovelinks a bit more.

Old fashioned jewelry or jewelry that is trying to be...

Yep, I had nearly forgotten how great these were until I stumbled upon some yoghurt flavoured ones at the supermarket. Lip Smackers are definitely better than any other lip balm.

I have learned to appreciate good hair cuts more, since my latest hair dresser has left me with something quite disgraceful. I asked for layers and she gave me exactly two layers. one that sits below my ears and another that sits on my shoulders. Absolutely terrible it is.

Without it, my hair would look even worse.

I never used to like them because I could never get them to fit me. Times have changed though and I don't know whether the Jean manufacturers smartened up or I gained weight, but I can now fit into jeans and they are so comfy in this cold weather.

And that's all I got for you today.
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