Saturday, July 2, 2011

DIY Projects for the Bookish People

There are so many things that can be created or decorated at home and I haven't seen too many people doing DIY posts about stuff for the bookish, so that's what I'm doing. I do love step-by step instructions however these projects aren't really that complicated and I want to inspire you, not tell you how to make something exactly like mine, so here we go.

Notice how bookmarks always seem to go where the lost things go. Yes I still believe that the house eats my things. Even after cleaning my room I have not discovered some of the lost things. Anyway... There are two main types of bookmarks.

*Cardboard Bookmark:
Things You May or May not need:
-A Computer and internet (If you want to printout a book mark design or images to put on your bookmark. You can create these on or make them on a program such as photoshop)
Loony lucy and a book mark

-Cardboard or paper(to make the bookmark out of or print the design on.
-Laminator (if you want to reinforce the strength of the bookmark)
-Stamps or stickers (if you are decorating it DIY style
-Pencils/Pens/paints/collage images etc (Same as above)

-Dedicate your design to a favourite book or author(Include some of the design elements that appear on book cover/covers and include a quote from the author?)
-Make a collage of all the things you love (A Favourite band, a picture from the runway and/or some great tumblr pics)
-A celebration of your name(Write your name in big fancy font on one side and write the meaning or symbolism of your name on the other)
-Altered art (You know when things look kind of vintage and coffee stained. like an ATC only longer and thinner)
-Make one for your blog and upload the picture online. (A black and white design is a great idea because it can be transferred onto different coloured paper)

-Many people who do some form of craft or learning would have the materials in their house.
-They are easy to make and are cost effective.
-Cardboard bends and can get water damaged unless it is laminated
-if damp colours etc can stain the book unless it is laminated.

*Metal Book Mark:
Things You will need:
-A metal book mark which can be bought from most craft shops.
Looks like this:

-String/wire( to join to book mark)
-Beads or pendants(to thread on and decorate)

-Plain bookmarks could be difficult to find if you live in a remote area
-Paperbacks can be easily ripped or damaged by bookmark if inserted roughly
-May be more expensive

-The bookmarks look really nice
-They do not break easily

You can buy plain bookends that can be painted, however I'm talking about other things readers can use that are less conventional and eye catching.

That clay art project or holliday scupture may look great on your book shelf and be an effective way to separate and hold up your books.

*Jars of stuff
It could be altered art, Installation art or simply a jar filled with buttons.

*A trinket box
You can buy these from a craft store made out of wood or cardboard. These can be painted and decorated and can be used to keep all of your swag inside.

-Anything that is not flat may cause any paperback next to it to curve on the front or back cover.


To keep a log of the books you read. Great for those who want to keep track but despise sites like Goodreads.

What you may or may not need:
-A note book of some sort (lined if you aren't a neat writer)
-Coffee or Tea (to stain the pages if you want a vintage effect)
-Fabric to cover it or other decorations.


Well that's all the creativity I have for you today, but I'll let you all know when i have some more bookish DIY ideas.
Your Favourite Blogger,

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Ms. McKellips said...

OoooOooo some wonderful ideas for this years round of birthdays. So many of my friends love to read and these are so inexpensive. Thanks for the inspiration.