Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Haul: So exited to read these books...

I went shopping out-of-town today and scored some great finds. they weren't exactly bargains, but they were on my to-read list.

1. "Spell bound" by Cara Lynn Schults

2. "Love is Hell" by Various
I love to read these "hell" books. They are compilations of stuff by different YA Authors and are a great way for readers to test out YA authors. I am keen to see how Melissa Marr's writing is and Scott Westerfeild as I haven't read anything of theirs before.

3. "Imaginary Girls" by Nova Ren Suma.
YAY!!!! I am so keen to read this. It was like #1 on my wishlist and only cost me $12. So yes all my reading plans are gone and after I finish "Wuthering Heights" I will be straight into this.

4."The Hand that First Held Mine" by Maggie O'Farrell
I'm not sure if this is classified as Magical Realism or just plain Literary Fiction, but either way I have been interested in reading something by this author and the cover is absolutely beautiful.

So, I think the book buying ban is definitely extinct now.
Have fun reading, I know I will.

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