Friday, June 10, 2011

Wedding of the Year?!

So now for the big question. What will be the most influential wedding of the year? Bella Swan's or Kate Middleton's. Who will have the dress that everyone wants? And how Similar will they be?

If the Top picture is a correct depiction of Bella's  dress than I can see that the edging on the veil is similar. However Bella's dress is more tapered than Kate's dress and doesn't have a full skirt like Kate's dress.

Only time will tell (Because we have to wait until November to see Bella's actual dress.
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Ms. McKellips said...

I thought Kate looked absolutely lovely! She was understated beauty at it's finest. I've always liked her sense of fashion. She's very classy and stylish without being over the top. What a perfect princess.

Natalievintagegirl said...

Yeah the dress was elegant and classy. i thought the veil was nice cause it wasn't the typical stiff tulle veil that everyone has had for years.