Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday I'm in love (I'm not in love)

Really. This was the worst day to do a Friday I'm In Love Meme. I am in the worst mood. So today I am going to winge about things I am not in love. This will be  a Friday I'm Not in Love edition. Note that "I'm not in love" is a recent song by Robert Smith, the lead singer of The Cure. Which by the way were some jokes about how Robert Smith is not in love unless it's on a Friday.

1) Raunchy books: Whether it be one scene in the book that made you uncomfortable or the whole book, sometimes there are things that are meant to be left between man and woman and not in the pages of a cheap paper back novel. Not only do these sometimes reveal more than you wanted to know they can make sex seem kinky and give you unreal expectations of the experience. Sometimes I admit it is nice to have knowledge, but I preferred to have learnt this from my mother or from a magazine.

Today I started reading the "Merry Gentry Series" expecting a "succubus blues" style fantasy with one or two sex scenes and ended up putting the book down after reading three in the first one hundred pages. I know it says "erotic.. not for your granny on the back", but I am not a grandma and some people class "succubus blues" as erotica. so lord knows who to give them to. The actual story line was alright but if i read "his toned stomach" or "the length of him" one more time I think I will die out of pure annoyance.

2) Cliches: I hate it when people do the whole cliche thing and say or write a cliche. It's not so bad when they say "it sounds a bit cliche, but...". I also hat it when people try and make their own cliches or alter them. Eg. "Standing on her own two stilettos".

3) People who murder wonderful songs or steal them without crediting them. It's not so bad when they do a good job, I loved Kate Miller Heidke's and Paul Dempsey's Rockwiz rendition of "careless whisper". Recently on Australia's Got Talent there was a rendition of a Beatles song, that I  literally did not recognize because it started in the style of "the cure" and ended in the style of a heavy metal band. In their orignal audition they chose another beatles song "Candy Girl" and it started off really quirky and ended really bad.

I also hate the Black Eyed Peas rendition of "Time of my life" and Rihanna's "SOS" for similar reasons.

4) Too many people judge others quickly. "Be curious not judgmental"

5) Peoples need to drink alcohol in order to have fun. Is eating cake not enough? In my town there are Party Goers and Smart People. Most Smart People leave town and go to Uni. Most of those then become Party Goers. Seriously, why can't people survive off the pure high of being themselves on their own terms, doing something daring like saying how you really feel...etc

6) Ignoring people: this has happened to me a lot recently in an attempt to make friends. Mainly through facebook. I don't see these people around very often even though I live in a small town, so I ask them to hang out and they get scared or something and pretend I am a ghost that will just go away if they pretend I don't exist. The sad thing about this is that they could be missing out on making a new friend themselves. They never delete me as facebook friends though, probably because they want to have a large number of facebook friends" Moto of the story "Don't treat someone like a ghost, they will not disappear or die, they will haunt you"

7) Pottermore. I haven't actually been on the site, but I was hoping to hear about a new book, not a virtual theme park.

-Music on High Volume: Drowns out the noise in your head
-"Ready to go" by Panic at the disco
-Shirts with interesting choice of words. I saw one on the other day that had "Exist" written in capital letters made out of flowers.
-Stockings with sequins and such stitched into them. Makes for very magical legs.
-Sarah Addison Allen's Story Telling, forget Laurel K Hamilton, maybe I should reread "The girl who chased the moon"

Your Favourite Cynical Blogger,

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Ms. McKellips said...

Wow, sounds like your Friday should have been your Monday. Sorry it sucked so bad. Okay, close your eyes and listen carefully... do you hear it? I'm sending you a song to cheer you up. I'm singing as loud as I can and people are starting to stare.