Tuesday, April 12, 2011

week 1: journal prompts tag (from titancia. )

So, seeing as I am keeping my real life and online life, separate and secretive (by not showing my face), I thought it was only fair to reveal a bit of my inner self to you. When I saw titancia's awesome journal prompts  I thought that it was a great opportunity to do so.

  1. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens might make Julie Andrews happy, but what are three simple things that make you happy?
Fried Bacon, A Familiar song, A Copy of Frankie Magazine
  1. Where are five places you would like to visit, anywhere in the world?
 Versailles, Charlotte Bronte's House, The School where they made "The Breakfast Club" Movie, Any gothic church in Europe, The House where they made "The Sound of Music"
  1. What are your favorite genres of books to read?
Light Gothic Fiction (eg "The Distant Hours" by Kate Morton or "Jane Eyre"), Historical Fiction, Y.A. Fantasy from a female perspective, Magical Realism (aka Alice Hoffman)
  1. If you could go on a ten minute shopping spree through a craft store, what would you throw into your cart?
Craft Store? We don't have one of those where i live, but if we did i'd get: a ball of black crochet cotton (can't seem to find that stuff anywhere these days), A Jar of buttons, Some white lace trim, A Bodice Pattern and an Overlocker. 
  1. Pretend you live in a society where you remain nameless until you’re old enough to choose your own name. What do you think you would have wanted to be called when you were five? Twelve? As an adult?
I don't know what I wanted to be called when i was twelve, but I do remember having an argument with my parents about wishing my name was Barbie when i was like seven. If that had of happened I think I would have definitely regretted it later in life.
  1. What are three collections you would like to start but haven’t, or can’t, due to money/space requirements? (For example, a collection of space ships would be awesome, but they wouldn’t fit in your backyard that easily!)The first collection would be the different editions of my favourite books. So for example Every edition (That I like the look of) of Jane Eyre and The Bell Jar. The second collection would be of my favourite vintage cars, which is impossible because I can only drive an Automatic and most old cars are Manual. The third would have to be a collection of Marie Antoinette style shoes. 
  2.  If you had a set of triplets, what would you name them and why?
Uigene, Edith and Violet. I love these names because they are old-fashioned and don't seem to get  used very often. 

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