Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogging and Reviews: Policy

Hi All,
I have decided to update my policy as my blog has changed quite a bit since I wrote the original policy. 'Quirky Vintage Dolls in Peach Stockings' is a blog about vintage beauty/style, books I like to read and a few other things. So if you are a clothing brand, beauty company, online shop, author, publisher or anyone else interested in getting some sort of publicity read on :)

For Review
My standard review policy for all types of reviews is that:

  1. I will write an honest opinion regardless of whether or not a product is supplied to me. 
  2. Once a company/individual has obtained my address it would be highly appreciated if they notify/ask before sending items for review. It is possible that I will not "get to" these items otherwise.
  3. I try to write a fair review and reviews will not be taken down if they are not to your liking. 
  4. I am not a professional or expert in any of these fields.
  5. I will use the product or read the book and post a review as soon as possible, please do not expect one before a deadline as I do have a life outside of my blog.
  6. I reserve the right not to review a product or book especially if this product/book was provided to me without  my request.
  7. My address and other personal details will be kept private. 
I am interested in reading books that fall into the historical fiction, magical realism, fantasy, contemporary and graphic novel category. I read YA and Adult fiction, excluding books that contain overly bloodthirsty, erotic, medical or religious content. I also read non-fiction books about fashion, art and celebrities I follow. 

I am currently not accepting or asking for review requests. I will only ask for a review book if I am really interested in reading that book as I have enough books to review.

I am interested in vintage items, indie brands, something different etc... As usual once a person or company has obtained my details they should be kept private and items should only be sent if requested. 

I currently do not have giveaways on this blog as there aren't enough followers to do so and postage is too expensive. In the future if I were to get more publicity for a giveaway and find a way around expensive shipping costs I may hold a giveaway. If you are a company that would like to help make this happen I am all ears.

Interviews or Guest Posts
I am interested in having interview posts on my blog but am not interested in guest posts at this stage. If you would like to do an interview to promote your band, book, beauty line...etc please email me and I will organise a list of questions to be sent to you. I always send a copy of the post to the person involved before publishing to check that it is acceptable. I may correct spelling or grammatical errors in the answers.

If you would like to contact me about a  review, guest post, interview, giveaway or other queries please email me at:

Thank you for reading my Policy :)

Yours sincerely,

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