Sunday, March 20, 2011

Watch this space - literally !!

Video montage from the film "Bandslam"

^ Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Cheated Hearts" film clip full of cute homemade videos of impersonators

^ THis clip was a saturday morning rage prelude to a "the smith's" introduction in 500 days of summer.

New Bits of Fiction
-"THe Red Garden" by ALice Hoffman
        A long awaited book that is bound to be a best seller
-"Belle" by Lesley Pearse
-"Moth to the Flame" by Joy Dettman

90's grunge obsession
Yes as with the clothes and the crappy teen movies i have followed the music.
-No Doubt
-THe cranberries

Katie Melua
I just fell in love with her music.
songs to check out:
-I cried for you
-I'd love to kill you
-nine million bicycles
-If the lights go out
-just like heaven (cover)

videos to check out:
-It's only pain
-two bare feet

apparently she's been around for a while and i'm just blind

^ a recent polyvore set based on my obsession of sheer overblouses.


Ms. McKellips said...

LOoooooove the Cranberries!! Such a sound and her voice... I listen to them when I'm in the "Oh, Whoa is me!" phase. *L*

Meg said...

OH! I love the Cranberries too! And I love Katie Melua! Thank you for sharing her. =) I have a penchant for singers with the name Kate, Katie hahaha... it seems they are all good. =) Kate Walsh. Kate Nash. Katie Costello. Kate Rusby. So many good Kate's! And so many good Rosie's too! =) Rosie Thomas. Rosi Golan. Rosie Flores. =)

Cutiepie-vintagegirl said...

yeah i like singers and bands with K's and r's too. Regina spektor, Kate Bush, Radiohead.

the crannberries is your whoa is me? mine is the bell jar. i totally stole it from kat stratford