Friday, May 17, 2013

People Don't Make Mixed Tapes Anymore

Like many things throughout time tapes have changed. People only sell them second hand, only old people or  vintage enthusiasts actually collect them anymore and I don't think anyone makes mixed tapes for anyone anymore (If you do, I am sorry to generalize and really appreciate the work that you do). Tapes are something that many people haven't and probably won't experience.  Like so many other vintage medias tapes have their own unique "glitch" that really adds to the experience of that media, however,  what's more of a loss is the art of making mixed tapes...

People have discovered that while inaccurate old cameras can create beautiful effects. Sometimes black/white photos capture a mood perfectly, while light leeks and blurs can make a photo look magical even though unplanned. Records have their creaking noises and their crackle noises, And tapes, tapes have whirring noises and other noises that come from playing the tape many times. I love the untidy-ness of vintage. I love that a tape can sound messy and be very spot on musically at the same time. I sometimes worry about how "clean" modern music sounds, because there is always a new way to make music tidier and more accurate. Art was not meant to be accurate. I see that many musicians are still opting to sell music on Vinyl...

I think; what about tapes? why not tapes? They are still quite small, they are portable (if you have an old car your stereo might have a place for tapes). If you treat tapes well they can last considerably well. I remember that tapes were part of the early DIY recording years. Now, people could tape things. Aspiring songwriters would tape things, mixed tapes were made. Mixed tapes became a real big thing. You might watch an old show and hear that the character bought an old tape or made a mixed tape for his girlfriend . One of my favourite films 'High Fidelity' was all about tapes (well there was a bit about rejection and love and owning a music store in there too...)

The truth is, you can't really make a mixed tape for a lot of people because they probably won't have a tape player. Notice that the whole idea of making you own compilation for someone went out the window the minute iPod were introduced. Now people make playlists for themselves. The other day I got the brainwave to make some compilation CDs for younger cousins. It doesn't compare to a mixed tape, but it's a start. 

You should have seen the faces on these children. They were so happy because I had given them something made especially for them. Kids that wouldn't touch a CD of mine because that music is weird (and they are very hands on kids) are now listening to the likes of Garbage and Fat Boy Slim and Marilyn Monroe because of me. I am hoping to continue to widen their music tastes and to spread the message, that yes people will still enjoy the gesture of a mixed CD, especially if they are kids. And, it's a cost effective gift!

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Wall-to-wall books said...

I make mixed CDs! I really do! I love them. I still but lots of CDs and every once in a while I go through and make mixed CDs out of all my favorite songs.

Natalie_vintage_girl said...

Yay! that's great. I think lots more people should keep making them and even give them as gifts. many people dont even consider making them for gifts anymore