Saturday, April 7, 2012

Questions for the Universe


I am writing this list of questions because there probably isn't a realistic answer for any of them. They are thoughts and complaints as much as they are questions. They are rhetorical. These are questions that I would not only like to put out into the universe for my sake, but for others out there. They are things to contemplate...

1) Why do we all talk about equality like it actually exists and then go an exhibit these things called double standards?
-I have seen this so many times! Whether it be because of age, race, sex or scale of attractiveness (that of course being the media's version of attractive) one person/group is often singled out as the one with the most important opinion or the most important feelings because of these things. What about everyone else?
-What is the point of living in this thing called the 21st Century when sometimes it feels like there isn't a huge difference in how people are treated compared to the other eras? Yes it's not as bad. Women can get jobs after they have been married nowadays. There are laws against discrimination in the work place. I get that. I just think it's a little unfair that there aren't really any names to call promiscuous men, but there are heaps for women, that there is a huge emphasis in the media about how women dress, but not men, AND that more attractive people (according to the average interpretation of the word attractive) can often get away with being nasty to other people because of their looks while less attractive people can't.

2) Why is it so hard to make friends at social events?
-I'm not the most social person, but I can't say I didn't try. People go to these things with their friends. They only want to hang out with those friends. Guys at the event don't seem to be interested in anything except for one-night-stand potential.

3)Why do people think that calling yourself a dork or a nerd is a bad thing?
-Honestly, I think it's a complement.

4) Why do people expect others to be different from what they are?
-Learn to accept people for who they are. And, if they need to learn stuff like confidence or work related skills then give them a chance to grow.

5) What is with everyone's obsession with alcohol?
-Personally I think this stems from a lot of songs. But, just because it's in a song doesn't mean you have to go crazy and get drunk.

So there you have it. 5 things to contemplate.

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