Monday, September 2, 2013

If We're Gonna Talk About Music: Courtney Love/Hole

You may no Courtney Love for her appearances on gossip TV shows in regards to Kurt Cobain's death, her recurring drug problem, her revealing outfits and various twitter feuds. Morally, I oppose some of the things promoted in her songs/music videos, but the chords, the riffs, the vocals and the lyrics really hold my attention; it's enough to convince me otherwise. She's certainly no role model, but that doesn't mean she isn't talented. After all, isn't she like, the queen of rock?!

So I've spent enough time on Wikipedia one night to learn that Courtney was married to Kurt, had a baby named Francis, Kurt died, people blame Courtney, Courtney is in a band named Hole... I don't know exact dates and location, but I think I've got a fair idea of how things played out. Enough to know that "Hole" is not a band name chosen for its explicit connotations, but rather because of an expression Courtney's mother used when she disowned her.

Those who have read the Courtney Love style post will already know how this goes... Discovering Courtney Love/ Hole followed the typical order of music discovery for me. I watched Rage, someone had requested 'Malibu', I downloaded it on Itunes, listened to it way to much, listened to most songs on Youtube and then purchased all of the physical albums (except for 'America's Sweetheart' because Australia doesn't have it in brand new condition). 

1. Her deep gritty voice. Her voice has changed over time probably due to age, drug use, smoking and screaming. Her voice isn't as good as it used to be, by far, but it is still her, still deep, still gritty.

2. I like how well the lyrics reflect on her experiences, feelings and personality. She's one of those people that isn't afraid to say what she thinks and it really comes across in her lyrics.

3. Electric guitar. The girl knows how to play guitar and all of her songs/ holes songs feature catchy guitar riffs and solos. 

4. It's dark, but it's not too dark. Sure she screams at times and there are electric guitars, but it's definitely not death metal; there are softer moments, there are moments when she actually sings.

5. I love the spectacle that she creates. The costumes and the film clips really add to the music. I'm not sure that I could say this about the performances, because I haven't seen many. I'm actually not too sure that I'd want to go see her perform because I have heard a few things about those concerts... 

  • I really like 'Malibu'
  • I really like 'Rockstar'/'Olympia' whatever you want to call it.
  • I really like 'Reasons to be Beautiful'
  • Recently I've become addicted to 'Dying'
  • The live video of 'Letter to God'
  • The live video of 'Dying'
  • The music video of 'Violet'
  • The music video for 'Miss World'
  • The music video for 'Doll Parts'
I also like to attempt to play a few Hole songs on my guitar. My favourites to  play are 'Malibu' and 'Doll Parts'. I am trying to find a way to soften 'Violet' into more of a Jazz number/acoustic version.

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