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If We're Gonna Talk About Music: Elvis Presley

I have been contemplating for a while about starting a new series of posts about music that I like. I was dubious because I didn't know how other people would feel about me adding another element to a blog that already has content about YA fiction, fashion, DIY ideas, art and even sometimes films. I guess I just like to write about things that I'm passionate about.

 I'm not the most musical person out there. I can play a few chord progressions on the guitar (I will actually just skip chords I don't know if they are in a song I really want to play), I can barely play the keyboard and I can play one song on the harmonica. I can read music and I played clarinet in the school band. So, I am knowledgeable I guess, but there are people out there that know way more than me that would be way better at telling you about bands and songs and such.

So for the first 'If We're Gonna Talk About Music' post I thought I would start where it all began and talk about Elvis. I understand that there was music before him. There was Crosby and Sinatra and Piaf. And, they were beautiful musicians, but Elvis was one of the first few to sing Rock 'n'roll.

My interest in Elvis music began when I saw 'Jailhouse Rock' when I was younger. I don't remember much of the movie, but I'm pretty sure it was the first time I had seen him 'perform' and I thought it was awesome. I have always liked his music, but I have only recently gotten more into his music.

One of my younger relatives was so surprised "You like elvis?!" she said incredulously. The sad thing about this relative was that she couldn't list a single elvis song off the top of her head and she thought that he was lame. I think children that don't know a song by the king whether they like his music or not are seriously deprived.

  1. He inspired a lot of people. If it wasn't for Elvis we wouldn't have a lot of other musicians on our ipods and rock probably wouldn't exist (at least not in the way it does now).
  2. He wasn't the best guitar player. I like that he wasn't a great guitarist, because I'm not and if he is the king or rock 'n' roll then that definitely makes me feel better about my guitar skills.
  3. His career was pretty lengthy considering... He started releasing sometime during the fifties and he stopped sometime in the seventies. Considering that he spent time in the army, later on had a health condition and that he died relatively early in his life he did pretty well.
  4. He released a very long list of songs. There are enough songs so that if you get sick of one there are plenty of others to become addicted to. 
  5. He loved to perform and you could tell that by watching his performances.

There are so many songs to choose from and to tell you the truth I like most of them. If I don't like a song it's probably just because I don't know it that well yet. My top favourite songs by Elvis are probably:

-Don't Be Cruel
-Love Me
-Heartbreak Hotel
-Suspicious Minds
-It's Alright

I think his best performances were probably 'Jailhouse Rock' (The scene in the movie) and 'If I can dream'

I know that a fair few people think he's a bit of joke because of his hair, that he got overweight, that he got into drugs, that he danced "provocatively" (got nothin' on Brittany Spears though) and his high collar costumes later on in his career. Really though, every musician or celebrity that breaks some sort of boundary usually does become the subject of comedy at some point. I'd totally have my hair like 50's Elvis if I thought I could get away with it...

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